The Importance Of Memory

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Why is it that when people daydream that random memory pops into their head and makes them smile or laugh? It’s like holding onto something that’s so old but can not be broken. No matter how good or bad memories are, they are what shape people into who they are. Memories play an important role in the development of a person because they affect a person’s behavior, help us recall past events, and helps us learn. Memories are things people look back on and they can either laugh about it or even feel a little sad. When people see something happening, they can think back to a time when things like that happened to them, and it affects the way they see things. In Benedict Careys “This Is Your Life (and How You Tell It)”he states, “Psychologists have shown just how interpretations of memories can alter future behavior” (Carey). Having either a really good or really bad past experience can later affect the way you see things. When something happens to someone, one person may act one way and the other person a total different way. It all depends on the person 's past memory and perspective on things. In Dr. Jane Aronson 's “Memories and Their Importance to Attachment and Security: Journals for Orphans” she states “they think about what they did minutes and hours before and after an experiences” (Dr. Aronson). After every new experience or mistake , humans replay the thing that just took place and try and change it. But they can’t change the past, but they can change the way they

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