Understanding Mentorship Within A Public Safety Career

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Understanding Mentorship A mentorship within a public safety career is a vital part in my journey of becoming a police officer with the Edmonton police service. Being able to have mentor in regards to physical fitness, will manifest success throughout the whole process. Mentorship is a relationship between two individuals, the mentee and the mentor. Furthermore, it is a common understanding that establishes trust and guidance making the mentee feeling as they can always go to the mentor for any issue, and the mentor will without fail assist the mentee in able to help them grow as an individual (cite notes for all). This relationship is of vital importance because, it creates a connection with the mentor that the mentee will forever look back…show more content…
The mentor will ensure they will create opportunities, and establish times to meet together to discuss certain topics. Doing this will show the mentee that the mentor in-facts cares and is genuine about the mentorship. Furthermore, a mentor should put the interest of the mentee first, helping the mentee in every possible way they can in order for the mentee to the most successful they can be in their career. Lastly, a mentor should always give constructive feedback, establishing trust within the relationship. That said, a mentee needs to hold a certain expectation of the mentor throughout the mentorship. These expectations take form through showing up on time, active listing and communication skills, acceptance of feedback and being able to grow form it, and lastly working towards a goal to improve themselves. Without holding up these expectations, it the relationship would be one-sided with the mentor engaging in more the…show more content…
Lee has been my couch for four years and has taught me everything I know about martial arts and physical fitness. For the last four years, we have a developed a trustworthy relationship with a sense of mutual respect, that has been accompanied by constructive feedback that has made me grow, not only in physical fitness but also as a person. Furthermore, Lee has always put himself out there for everyone apart of team and myself, putting the interest of myself and others first, ensuring that I understand the concepts and apply them appropriately. The primary reason I choose Lee as my mentor is that, he is an individual that will always provide great knowledge and genuine care; furthermore, he takes time out of his day to properly instruct me, and ensure that I am constantly improving towards my

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