Hidden Messages In Ayn Rand's Ulysses

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Many messages are often hidden within stories, (Ulysses) has certain points that need to be pointed out. Every story has certain themes that can be pulled out but it 's often hard to understand. These certain parts of the story have very important messages that can be learned from. The use of these messages makes these writings a much more valuable reading, since all of the messages can be used and put into your own life in some way. It 's always a good idea to listen to the story, but the main point of readings is to get further knowledge from them. The three main themes in (Ulysses) are, live life to the fullest, you can never get enough of life, and the old get old and hand over to the young. The first theme in (Ulysses) is living life…show more content…
You never want to become the old person becomes the rust tractor. By this meaning once you are old you need to keep doing things and keep learning things. You want to stay the shiny tractor that keeps being used. Life is about growing in knowledge and that 's not going to happen if you become lazy in your old age and decide not to learn anymore. Most people see themselves once they are old as useless which is not true. “To rust unburnished, not to shine in use!” ( 971: 24) Ulysses is speaking about how people get more rusty as they grow older. But Ulysses wants you to pile life on life, by never growing bored of life and to keep enjoying it. Og explains, Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.” Failure is when you stop in the learning process through life. By learning all throughout your years failure will never become an issue. Colin suggests, “Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.” When you make it to your old age you have went through a lot of failures. If you don 't accept those failures you will never learn from…show more content…
It 's always good to learn these messages so you don 't get irritated when the certain things start happening. There are many more messages that can be learned from this reading. Do you now understand more about these life messages? Works Cited coelho, Paulo. “15 Live Life To The Fullest Quotes For Every Day Power!” Everyday Power Blog, 10 Aug. 2017, Mandino, Og. “Og Mandino Quotes.” BrainyQuote, Xplore, 2014, Powell, Colin. “Colin Powell Quotes.” BrainyQuote, Xplore, 2017, Ray, Amit. “Quotes About Living Life To The Fullest (303 Quotes).” (303 Quotes), Dec. 2014, Wilde, Oscar. “Aging.” (993 Quotes), Nov. 2015,
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