The Importance Of Messengers In Homer's Odyssey

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The Significance of Messengers Over the course of history, messengers have played an ideal part in the triumph of many victories. Any side of warfare has been advanced by the strategic placement of a messenger. Messengers’ cooperation, willingness to aid and perseverance are what make them the true underdogs of any conflict. Messengers are an essential apparatus that helped warriors and soldiers overcome their personal or shared battles. Messengers may be recognized as being the right hand man of any troubled combatant in need of some guidance. Hermes, the Greek God of transitions and boundaries, was a helping hand with many warriors. The mighty God Zeus was the father of Hermes. It was him whom assigned Hermes to be the…show more content…
Odysseus has a great amount of misadventures on his journey home, one including the meeting of Circe, the beautiful yet mischievous witch-goddess. Odysseus and the men he still had left were in need of supplies; they stopped on an island only to come across Circe. All intruders that stumble upon her island she turns into swine, so it was only natural for her to turn Odysseus’ men into pigs. Hermes comes to Odysseus’ rescue and gives him an herb called Moly. The Moly is what gives Odysseus the resistance to Circe’s magic, this surprises her and she turn his men back to their human state. Circe eventually ends up falling in love with Odysseus and messes with the course of time. Odysseus was under the impression that he had only been on the island for a week, but in reality he was there for a year. Circe loved Odysseus and wanted him to be genuinely happy. She granted his wish of going back home and gave him the supplies he needed. Without Hermes, Odysseus would have turned into a pig along with his men. He would have stayed on the island never to return to
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