Meta Leadership In Disaster Management

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When disasters strike, depend on how terrible it is and in many cases there is a need for more than one organization or agencies to respond, this necessitate the need for smooth coordination and collaboration of resources. Hence, the need for leaders whose span of thinking, influence, competence and achievement are broaden afar form their formal bound of authority to effectively and successfully bring all organizations needed together to accomplish a common purpose. Thus, meta-leadership is the framework needed to accomplish such tasks. Marcus, Dorn, & Henderson (n. d) states that meta-leaders entails a different approach or way of thinking, exceptional set of skills, and a solid and reliable network to encourage cross-agency thinking
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Therefore, he could be seen as a Meta-Leader as he demonstrated taken Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) out of the stovepipe and status quo in order to bring about whole community approach. Jones (2012) pointed out how preparedness messaging used to be communicated to the public using fear tactics and how such messaging continue to fail and Fugate acknowledged that it was wrong method of communicating disaster preparedness messages and seek to find a new and better way of motivating people to prepared for disasters. Met-leadership aims at tackles difficulty of generating unity of action when several people, organizational units, and resources needed to be brought together to achieve common goal. In addition, Meta-Leader’s thinking and performance is unique with the ability to take holistic view and purposely link the efforts of the whole community to galvanize important connectivity between different entity to achieve unity of purpose and effort (Marcus, Dorn, Ashkenazi, Hernderson, & Mcnulty,
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