The Importance Of Mexican Culture In Mexico

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Over the history, there has been tremendous changes and transformation regarding Mexican culture. Although many Mexican citizens live in the cities, the small suburban and rural communities still portray a strong connection to the Mexican cultures thus making Mexico to be a vibrant community. Since Mexico is the 12 most populous nation in the world according to the world factbook records, it has also been found out that it is a nation that carries about 123 million people. For that matter, the nation is in the records of being a country that has numerous ethnic groups with its population showing that it has 62% percent, American-Spanish people. The Indian-Americans constitute to about 21% percent of the 123 million people whereas 10% of the Mexican’s population represent whites (Simpkins et al., 2013). Consequently, the stated groups tend…show more content…
(2013), the values and virtues in Mexico include and are not limited to large families which values taking responsibilities as family members and making an extended family tie like friends and cousins. In Mexico, the culture is enmeshed in practices that tend to host parties and organizes for family occasions, picnics, and plays that enhance the tie and yoke of the Mexican families. Consequently, the vast pool of values and ways of life can be passed from one generation to another through aspects of ensuring that the societies and families maintain a secure connection that brings them together to embrace their culture and values. In Mexico, the family units are large and tend to allude to the traditional roles which overwhelmingly support gender roles and some forms of day-to-day family involvement. The Mexican cuisines vary by family and current affiliations of the community. The Mexicans celebrate the Feast of Our Lady Guadalupe which is a holiday celebration that takes place every December 12 to mark the day that the Virgin Mary appeared to an Indian man during the five-year Spanish

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