The Importance Of Micro Evolution

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The variation within a species is sometimes referred to as micro-evolution whilst the development of one species from another is called macro-evolution. Some creationists accept that micro-evolution has occurred in nature, but no macro-evolution. These terms are often used in creationist literature. Due the fact that most people confuse n mix up these two words, it is of importance that they be defined and be differentiated so as to understand whether the bible supports micro evolution. As mentioned above that micro evolution could have occurred in nature, clearly shows that there could be some biblical evidence that supports this notion.
The use of the word micro evolution by creationists is usually unwise because it implies that some degree
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Genesis chapter 6 clearly elaborates this. This means that we see changes within a kind but not between kinds. However, the important distinction is that we observe changes that do not increase the genetic information in an organism. God created human beings differently from angels which means that these were two different kinds. Changes are seen within a kind not kinds hence, differentiation within species. That can also be classified as micro evolution.
Another text that makes reference to microevolution and supports it is Genesis 9vs 24. Noah’s son was the first black person in the bible. Not that blacks had already existed but because of microevolution as an assumption. Genesis 9 verse 24, tells us that Noah cursed his grandson to be black and also be a slave to his descendants. It is when he had laughed at him for being naked. Already we notice a slight change in the human species, which is the differences in races, in the bible. Therefore, one can clearly note that in the scriptures, microevolution is
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Other examples of micro evolution are observed in cases of natural selection in the wild. For example the size of a sparrow differs according to its locations. Sparrow population in the north are larger bodied than sparrow populations in the south because of the different adaptations to the different temperatures. Due to these and other reasons as to different climates and atmospheres, they contribute greatly to microevolution.
Creation Scientists fully accept the micro evolution. It has always been seen as an example of God's brilliance in creating all life forms with more genetic information than they use at any given time. This allows them to adapt to various environmental changes in order to survive. One can frequently hear creationists argue that they accept microevolution but not macroevolution, one common way to put it is to say that, dogs may change to become bigger or smaller, but they never become cats. Therefore, microevolution may occur within the dog species, but macroevolution never
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