The Importance Of Microteaching In Teaching

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Microteaching is a process which serves as a training ground for the pre-service teachers to develop their skills and abilities through the education courses taken and will be enhance further and become more competent. It employs real teaching situation for developing skills and helps to achieve deeper knowledge regarding the practice of teaching. Most of the pre- service teacher that has taken education program/courses commonly uses microteaching. Effective Student teaching should be the prime quality of a teacher. Insights and feedbacks were given and discussed to identify what need to be improved and the best points of the pre-service teacher. Microteaching can be practiced into a very small number of students observing co-pre service teachers or other licensed/ experienced teacher and using trial-and-error in own teaching sessions and will help the pre-service teachers to be ready in the field of teaching, as a well-grown educator. Microteaching increases self-confidence, improve the teaching performance because it employs real teaching situation for developing skills and helps to get knowledge. Microteaching is a tool which develops skills that promotes effective teaching methods. (S.L, Vanderstaay, 2009) said that Efficient learning strategies for best quality of teaching. Learning is a behavior which is affected by different factors such as training and experience. More experienced teachers have the ability to provide effective teaching. The most essential quality

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