The Importance Of Migration

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Migration is definitely not a new phenomenon. It has been one of the important elements of human history. People always migrated from one continent to another, from country to country and even inside countries, all of which played an important role in shaping today’s world. However, nowadays migration matters more than ever. The increasing importance of migration comes from its rising scale. According to the United Nations, ‘in 2013 the number of international migrants worldwide reached 232 million, from 175 million in 2000’ (Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations, 2013). The reasons for such an increase in international migration are complex. There are different factors that make people leave their own countries: economic, political, environmental or social. However, the essential reason that drives migration is the economic development of countries. In most cases people aim to improve their living conditions, therefore, the larger the income difference between two countries, the higher the migration from poorer country to the richer one. That is why industrialized countries are regularly immigrant receiving countries. However, migration has different effects on the host country’s economy and, therefore on the global economy. Especially, it has an important impact on the host country’s wages and employment. These impacts greatly depend on the skills of the migrants and those of native workers. In theory, if the skills of migrants and natives are
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