Duration Of Migration Essay

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Migration is the movement by people from one place to another with the intentions of settling temporarily or permanently in the new location. There are many push and pull factors for the same and the most common among these are improving livelihood opportunities, drought and environmental degradation in their native place. Duration of migration also varies, it can be of longer duration which is undertaken once a year and there can be shorter cycles as well (multiple times a year).And what happens in this process is children of migrant labourers losses the opportunity to attend school. These children usually are forced to accompany their migrating parents, and since the annual migration cycle overlaps with the annual school calendar, they miss classes and therefore have to drop out(Smita,2008). Even if they go to schools in their worksite, education is not imparted keeping in mind their conditions. This leads to a gross disconnect between the school curriculum and their environment. Furthermore, interventions in this sector is required and it needs to be done keeping in mind the duration and timing of migration. Also, for an intervention to be effective, native place of migrant as well as their worksite should be considered. For taking care of the migration cycles of different duration and frequency, different…show more content…
But a paper by Talib tells us how curriculum gets transacted in a classroom and the ideologies surrounding it. This paper written in 1992 on ideology, curriculum and class construction, attempts to depict the experiences of working class children in a school located in an urban village on the southern outskirts of New Delhi. He has done this research through observation of classroom practices, by going through the various textbook of different classes and by taking interviews of teachers and students. (Talib, 1992). His findings

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