The Importance Of Military Force

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For people who think that military force is not important to say goodbye to the protectors of your rights, daily privileges, and say hello to no freedom, a dictatorship where is no say, no liberty as to the exercises of free speech. Military force is important because it protects all the people 's rights and maintains the safety of all civilians in the world. Countries use force to combat threats that create hostility to its culture. Military force faces a daily issue with countries constantly taking advantage of its military power or in the other hand countries using its military might as a last stand for survival. Countries such as the Syrian government has overused their military force by using banned chemical weapons against their civilians. Indifference when the United States performed the mission of killing the most dangerous terrorist in the world. Military force should be justified through the countries need to protect laws and the population 's daily privileges and rights, threats to national security or global security which protects the country of a national crisis, and the countries need to defend itself from predominate enemies.
The military force can provide safety and preserve laws that implement authority to basic rights. Over a 24 year span, at least 100,000 East Timorese people were killed through the violation of basic rights. People were killed through hunger, murder and through bloodshed. The problem started in 1975 when Indonesia invaded East Timor

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