The Importance Of Military Leadership In The Military

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Military leadership has been a major factor through the ranks of the army since the army was established, it may have changed and shifted its direction for the better of the military depending on whatever crisis is going on in the economy/world determines the type of leadership a leader displays or how he reacts to certain situations, not all leaders are at their full potential or know how to handle different type of people, and be able to know how to establish a different approach for each individual cause not all soldiers can be treated or approached the same to get a positive outcome. Leadership in the army has become more of an individual gaining power and applying their own leadership skills and not remembering what the army teaches you and grooms you to be not saying all leaders have to have the same leadership but taking the basics from the army and having a good mentor from my experience has proven to be successful.
LTG John M. Schofield once said “the discipline which makes the soldiers of free country reliable in battle is is not gained by harsh or tyrannical treatment. Such treatment is far more likely to destroy than make an army.” To reiterate off his statement leadership in any position in the army should always be thoughtful that respect goes both ways regardless of rank or position to establish a strong bond and good cohesion. Any leader should be willing to show respect to their soldiers and be able to come to a agreement without make a situation hostile,

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