Literature Review On Mandatory Military Service

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The Literature Review The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the Middle East. It is ruled by the Al Saud family since 1932. The military service has been improved since 2003, when Saudi Arabia developed a relationship with America and Korea to coach the soldiers and teach them new techniques. Unfortunately, Saudi Arabia did not apply the mandatory military service for all male citizens. Therefore, this study aims to seek the answer to the research question, should military service be mandatory for all male citizens of Saudi Arabia at age 18? This literature review will discuss the advantages of enforcing the military service, disadvantages of enforcing the military service and the different techniques in how to attract the citizen…show more content…
Therefore, military service is the country most dangerous form of public service. Alex Kingsbury (2010) suggests that any service to the community should be voluntarily. Also, Kingsbury (2010) found that forcing people to join the military will only increase their hate toward the country. Military service, which normally attract young people, put the next generation to serious harm and at worst death. Kingsbury (2010) conclude that not everyone is fit to meet the physical, mental and emotions demands of the job. Also, military service will interfere citizen education and marriage life. The time spent doing military service is time taken away from young students which, may delay their high school and university education. In addition, not every person who join the military will make a good soldier, or will come out of the experience without serious emotional harm. In another study Chandler Tate (2012) concluded that the military force would probably perform a lot better with an all volunteer soldiers than it would be able to do with a bunch of unhappy forced soldiers. After all a citizen only has a duty to obey the…show more content…
I recommend to use a survey research, then we would be able to uncover whether or not the military service should be mandatory in Saudi Arabia. After all it depends on what the government see right for the country. However, I think if it is mandatory it will bring people together, especially when dealing with a cultural or political threat from other countries. Therefore, all the Citizens will be able to understand and develop appreciation for the sacrifices that people in the military made for their country. Mandatory military service will cure many of the society 's

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