The Importance Of Military Service In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

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The Literature Review The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the Middle East. It is ruled by the Al Saud family since 1932. The military service has been improved since 2003, when Saudi Arabia developed a relationship with America and Korea to coach the soldiers and teach them new techniques. Unfortunately, Saudi Arabia did not apply the mandatory military service for all male citizens. Therefore, this study aims to seek the answer to the research question, should military service be mandatory for all male citizens of Saudi Arabia at age 18? This literature review will discuss the advantages of enforcing the military service, disadvantages of enforcing the military service and the different techniques in how to attract the citizen to join the military service. The advantages of forcing the military service. Every large country should have a strong army to keep it safe and prepared for emergency situations like wars. The Saudi Arabia government spent huge amounts of money to improve the national security to attract young Saudi males into the military service. The United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency reported that Saudi Arabia had 5.4 persons in the armed forces per 1,000 of population as seen in Robert Art (2015). The military enlistment period is three years, but still Saudi citizen would not volunteer to inter the military. Therefore, the government should force the young men at age 18 to enrol in the military service. Art (2015) found that

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