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Minecraft is a game for kids and adults alike, the game consists of blocks for the player to use and to build things with, along with monsters for the player to fight using swords and other weapons. I believe that it can be used in schools across the country for educational purposes. Genius hour is where we find a problem in our community and try to solve it as best as we can within about 30 minutes to an hour but we have to choose something that we really want to do. When I started doing genius hour I had join a group of 3 others and we cleaned up the greenhouse at our school as best as we could. We had opened the door to look at it and it had spiders and all sorts of bugs, couldn't even walk into it because it had so many weeds growing inside it. We started out by clearing it out but we ran into a problem when one of our members wasn't…show more content…
We had replaced the wood that was inside and placed brand new wood in the place of the old wood to remake the shelves that used to hold some planters. We started working with a new group of kids who placing new plants such as lettuce and carrots inside the greenhouse. We had planted flowers and placed diagrams inside of it for kids to learn about the parts of a flower. For my next genius hour I chose to do something I'm interested in, which was researching how Minecraft affected kids who played it. When I first found things that were related to my thinking I knew that other people had also seen what I had seen and thought the same things that I had. When I started doing my project I already had a wide knowledge of Minecraft and some of the effects it had on your brain and other parts of your body. Because of me playing video games my hands are machines from having fast reaction to things in game which isn't normal but it is helpful to many people in many ways that most can't think of doing. If I need to

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