The Importance Of Minimum Wage

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I believe that the 28th amendment of the Constitution should be that minimum wage should meet the standards of living. No one deserves to struggle to pay for food, water, and other basic necessities if they have a job. If everyone could afford a quality lifestyle I believe that the overall happiness of the United States population would increase drastically. Our society is cruel by having a select few making excruciatingly high salaries while the majority of the population struggles to survive and oftentimes, the poor work harder than the rich to earn their living, however, low that may be. As the gap between the middle class and upper class widens it seems as if no one is willing to solve the problem and most people do not approve of increasing…show more content…
Another issue with the current state of the minimum wage in the United States is that it is unfair to the children that grow up in poverty because they did not even have a choice. Speaking from my own personal experiences, oftentimes these children have to watch their parent(s) work hard to support the family yet, they still struggle. Nothing felt worse than when a child who is well off simply says their parents work hard to be where they are as if your own parents don’t. The children who came from well-off families often times treat the children that are not well off extremely poorly by ridiculing the children about the clothes they wear, the toys they have, and etc. I remember one of the worst times of the year was Christmas time when you heard that your other classmates got everything they wanted and when you tell them the measly amount of things you got and they respond with “is that all.” One year when my dad was no longer around for a while, my mother was struggling as a single mom and we could barely afford food so I could not get any Christmas presents besides the food one of her friends brought us for Christmas. I never understood why “Santa” never brought me what I asked for or he did not bring me anything at all so I simply grew up thinking I was a terrible child and deserved the situation I was
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