The Importance Of Miranda In The Tempest

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In my paper, I would like to argue the importance of Miranda in The Tempest as an only female character that is seen through the play. Miranda is not an important character just for her father Prospero, but also for the other characters. For Caliban to show his hidden brave, for Ferdinand being the rescuer and wonder; but is Miranda really important in this play? Would it be a different life for the characters or has she no sufficient effect on them?

First of all, all the women characters in the play should be analyzed but it is known that there is only one woman character is seen. For instance; Sycorax does not even appear on the stage even once but her presence is felt. Audience has limited information about her but as the mother of Caliban who is the real owner of the island, she keeps her importance throughout the play. Some critics like Geraldo U. de Sausa, claims that Prospero and Sycorax are inverted images of each other. Another woman character in the play is Prospero’s wife. She is also one of the characters who is never seen on the stage but sustains her significance. Unfortunately, the audience is not informed very much about her. She is alluded just one time in the play, as an answer from Prospero to Miranda’s question:

Miranda. Sir, are not you my father?
Prospero. Thy mother was a piece of
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As Orgel states; “Except for this moment, Prospero 's wife is absent from his memory. She is wholly absent from her daughter 's memory: Miranda can recall several women who attended her in childhood, but no
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