The Importance Of Mobile Advertising

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PriceWaterHouseCooper (2015) has conducted a research to conduct their forecasted consumer and the advertising spent data in Malaysia. Which has revealed that there was rapid expansion in the mobile commerce and advertising industries in Malaysia. Pricewaterhousecoopers researchers predicted that there will be 5 % of advertising in the form of internet advertising in 2014 and rise to 8 % through to year 2019. But in 2017 the global trends for mobile advertising is at 59.5 % thus it still creates a big gap between Malaysia mobile advertising with the other mature country in mobile advertising. This has clarifies that there is a genuine need for Malaysia to developed the mobile advertising area in this fast moving technological era. Internet…show more content…
Malaysia mobile advertising and commerce must be provided with continuous efforts to understand the m-commerce in Malaysia. There is a must in research for Malaysia business advertising in related to current mobile advertising (m-advertising) in order to make the country advertising industries become stronger and more technological. Bauer, Barnes, Reichdart, and Neumann (2005) has stated that mass advertising is despised by many consumer and leading them to reject this type of message and more personalized advertising is more valuable and needed to the consumer. Furthermore, Malaysia Communication and Multimedia Commission (2009) stated that mobile advertising and online advertising will eventually become a major message transmission or channel for advertising. Thus, creates an avenue for the advertiser to be able to interact and communicate with consumer more easily. Therefore, researchers should be able to find the solutions to overcome the barriers regarding the consumer acceptance towards the mobile…show more content…
Due to the rapid technological development over the scope of the past ten years, mobile phone endured dramatic changes in terms of used technologies, design and additional features. Those changes introduced a new type of a mobile phone, the Smartphone and consequently introduced a new channel for marketers to reach their customers, the mobile internet. Therefore, marketers adapt appropriate mobile marketing strategies to reach customers via new device. Adoption is growing and as a result mobile marketing has become ‘‘staple tactic in brands’’ (Rohm, et al., 2012). The first form of mobile advertising customers could have experience was a Short Message Service, henceforth only as SMS, in 1997 (Ünal et al., 2009). The Increasing popularity of SMS has laid a foundation of a new advertising channel called mobile advertising (Tsang et al.,

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