The Importance Of Mobile Commerce In India

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INTRODUCTION Today mobile phones are not limited to device used for calls or text but it has become a wireless handheld device which is used in buying and selling of products and services without going outside. Now mobile phone technology has move towards a new trend and we can seen a triggering rise in increasing transactions carried out via a mobile which is named as M-commerce (combination of internet, wireless and e-commerce) is also known as next generation e-commerce. Through the increasing use of smart phones, tablets, growing mobile internet penetration and latest applications enabled mobile devices and increasing 3G & 4G penetrations in Indian digital market, it has creating a space for mobile commerce in India. Day by day the use of mobile phones are increasing for attain good and fast transactions into market, to communicate, to interact, to entertainment etc by using text and data on high speed connection to internet. In India, M-commerce is a new marketing system and it is growing at a very appealing rate. It would find that smart phone industry has the fastest growth in the market. Through the introduction of mobile banking by the RBI guidelines and e-commerce player Flip kart has also introduce the mandatory mobile app for shopping through phones, this is to become the fact for purchasing through mobile phones now make an ease to the people (Javed Usmain, 2015). Today mobile phones has become a lifestyle device for the people which is not only tool to connect

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