The Importance Of Modern Art

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There is no use denying the fact that art has always been an integral part of human society. It has appeared as primitive paintings on the rocks, however, even these first attempts already performed their main function and had their own purpose. They helped a person to express himself/herself, show his/her feelings and emotions and convey them to next generations. Since that time art has always served humanity and showed various stages of its development. Going along with society, art reflected problems and feelings peculiar to people who lived at the certain period of time. Moreover, the way in which these feelings were expressed and forms, which art obtained also characterized art greatly. Status of antiquity and great canvas of the…show more content…
Modern art provides a wide range of remedies and ways for people to express themselves and graffiti is not the most provoking one. That is why, it is possible to say that due to its extent, popularity and influence on society this phenomena could be taken as the main characteristics of the modern age. Nevertheless, according to Cedar Lewisohn street has become a certain sort of art many years ago and now it should be judged under the same standards which people use while looking at the picture somewhere at the museum . There are several main points which could be obtained from this statement. First of all, it becomes obvious that graffiti becomes recognized by modern painters and people who devote their lives to art. However, the main idea is that as any sort of art, graffiti and all other kinds of this movement should also contribute to the development of society, humanity, ideals of beauty and the issue of art itself. Under these conditions, the question of the quality of the artwork becomes especially vital.…show more content…
Describing a drawing on the wall as the part of modern street art, a person already means that it has all traits which are peculiar to real art work. These are quality, meaningfulness, topicality, inspiration and talent of the master who created it. However, while saying graffiti a person could mean either the masterpiece of street art and some bad painting from a vandal who just tries to leave the sign of his/her existence on this wall . Moreover, nowadays, street art painters also recognize this fact try to promote serious and defendant approach to graffiti, promoting its development and growth, at the same time trying to protect from careless painters. With this in mind, it is possible to agree with Lewisohn`s assumption that bad art adds nothing to original image and street art is developed enough to be analyzed with the help of the main concepts of art

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