The Importance Of Modern Culture

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The ancient days people formed many groups according to the evironmental situation and lived different places that groups are distinguish from one another. Each particular group of people produced some norms and values according to their own geographical places, habits, customs and duties. These norms are shared by one generation to another generations people, which is a system of shared and learned behaviour acquired and followed by the hair. Thus, the habits of restrictions are the culture was formed and followed by the people even still in this modern days. Each country are or each group of people give more important to their own culture. That is the part of life. Even, while they migrated to the alien country, they could not fully adopted that particular host culture. If they would want to be like a foriegner but they could not neglected their own culture. Thus, the culture is like a part of the human organ to each people. That could not be neglect even they want to need. For example, the central government was passed the order to neglect the ‘Jallikattu’ which is belongs to the important culture of that particular social group of people. That is their own culture. So, they were make revolution against to the government at the world level. Not only that particular country lives of people but also the lives of the immigrants in the host country people also raised their voice against to the government order. Thus the culture is play a major role in every time among
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