Vintage's Fashion Industry

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Vintage is obsession! The appeal of vintage fashion lies in its history, uncommonness and finesse keeping it exclusive and something that cant fade with time. Vintage is classic and an enticing eye to the fashion in the past. It’s a revolution where old is the new! Vintage clothing over the years has evolved more as a trend and makes you inherent the look. We in this article are investigating the growing popularity of vintage fashion as an investment and why should you own a vintage piece.
I am a vintage lover, so I am being biased here as to why everyone should own a vintage. These pieces are classics. The saying is true in this case “old is gold”. Fashion today is an echo of the past; and we see the age of retro revival. All the fashion shows call back for styles from the pervious era’s. The term does not always mean “Old”, infact it is that circle of fashion where everything old becomes new again. Wear vintage your way! Mix and match with current trends to create an uber and chic look, which is not retro. It’s
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The business is not only fueled by vintage lovers but influenced by Hollywood too. The pieces worn by generational legends, attract great attention at auctions, simply because they are fashion statement pieces marking a trend of a particular era. The outlook is changing. Its no harm wearing a pre-owned item if it is as new as it was when made and sold. There is a collectible market for vintage and its money well spent but, to assess the authenticity of vintage items is a little difficult because the term “antique” is more freely used in the market today. Fashion, accessory and jewelry designers attempt in capturing colors, prints, cuts, designs and the main essence of vintage fashion without originality adding the spice of modernity tagging it as their “own”. So do your homework rightly, before you get any thing “Vintage”! Know who is selling what and where
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