The Importance Of Modern Media And Traditional Media

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Humorist Will Rogers once said, “Take my cat away, take my games away, even my jelly, but leave me my newspaper.” Newspapers are important resources in the society. They are publications that contain information about current events, features on different topics and advertisements. In addition, newspapers have the power of influencing public opinions through its articles. For example, it can publish news about an ordinary person hence make him or her famous. They can also affect many people’s perspective of a certain world leaders thus able to result in the downcast of the leaders. Therefore, it is proven that newspapers have the ability to affect many people at the same time through their writing skills. Most importantly, they convey both local and world news to the public.
How are news delivered to the public? One of the methods is using traditional media. They are the fundamental of marketing and common media used among businesses on a day-to-day basis. Newspaper is one of the marketing platforms they used, as these forms of mass media are the fastest ways for businesses to reach the consumers.
Although traditional media is effective, but as technologies are advancing, businesses preferred using new media to reach their consumers which is another method that is use to delivered news to public. New media is created in order to adapt to the digital era. They refer to digital information entertainment products that are usually delivered through consumer’s electronic

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