The Importance Of Modern Technology In Architecture

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According to Hadji Bouchama, Arab-Islamic art had the potential to inspire infinite harmonious reverberation, making it possible for it to be used as a source of inspiration for future generations. In 1980, Bouchama wrote an article in a French magazine arguing about the need to preserve architectural functionality even in the face of high technology and other contemporary means of architectural design (Bouchair & Dupagne, 2003). From his point of view, it was important to integrate modern technology into architecture as a discipline. However, his aim was not to change the overall design, but to allow for traditional architecture to adapt to new technology. Since traditional M’zab’s architecture involved a significant but unique level of decoration in its building designs, Bouchama feared that modern means of architecture might consider these decorations costly and with that attribute, permanently wipe what he referred to as a taste of his time (Bouchair & Dupagne, 2003). Having studied the contributions of such architects, Andre Ravereau decided that it was best to revive these traditional styles rather than obscure them in the name of transformation. According to Ravereau, Hassan Fathy had an important aspect of tradition in his work. M’zab’s architecture did not only present itself as a proponent of functionality, it also created regional identity (Ravereau, 2007). Changing that identity would totally clear any architectural intentions of previous architects that he
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