The Importance Of Modern Technology

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Thomas Alva Edison invented the light bulb to light up the world. Steve Jobs founded APPLE to combine modern technology into portable gadgets. Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook in hope of bringing closer relationships between mankind. Technology has become a necessity in this era of globalization. Around the globe, human being are engrossed in finding and advancing new technology towards enhancing a metropolitan lifestyle.Therefore,it is crystal clear that people have great dependence on technology and technology in turn has affected creativity and communication of human being. Resulting from excessive foundation of modern technology, people are creative in applying and implicating technology for the betterment of their lives. To name a few, the occurrence of online shopping is a creative way of promoting business. Via online services, armchair shopping can be done simultaneously within every household as long as there is continuous supply of internet connectivity. Besides, with advancing technology, the medical field also show improvements by promoting bionic surgery and other high-tech surgery in context of saving thousands of lives daily. Scientists are also looking into electromagnetic radiation as a new source of energy. Ambient energy is driven predominantly by researchers seeking more eco-friendly solutions in hope of powering many exciting yet unforeseen technological innovations in the process. In a nutshell, people are creative in adjusting and

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