The Importance Of Modernism

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Modernity is a term of art used in the humanities and social sciences to designate both a historical period (the modern era), institutions, and politic The question of multiple modernities Modernity does not mean embracing the Enlightenment project. •Early nineteenth century, mid nineteenth century and late nineteenth century European thinkers, if you read the great philosophers in the French Enlightenment, it 's often taken that in becoming a modern society. Thinkers who identify becoming modern with human freedom make modernity and repression opposites, but there are featured modern forms of repression. Decline of religion and secularization Secularization, “the process by which religious institutions, actions, and consciousness lose their social significance, “has commonly been viewed as a dimension or as a consequence of modernization, spread of education, the development of the mass media, and the participation of the masses into political society have been seen as contributing factors in the decline of religion. Colonialism and colonial modernism Intertwinement of modernism and colonialism. I read in one of the abstracts for this reference a statement as if modernism was not really implicated in colonialism as far as some African countries were concerned, since modernism only made its mark after World War II. Modernism arose in the beginning of 20th century, which was clearly characterized by colonialism. Well, some might know already Edward Said’s ideas, for them
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