The Importance Of Modernism

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Modernism is an intriguing and fascinating movement that grasped and captivated the essence of the new. It contains a great deal of enthralling characteristics and intriguing traits that are illustrated through the use of magnificent imagery, emotions and descriptions. Each individual characteristic opens the mind of any reader who courageously cast their eyes on these artistically imaginative creations. The reader find their imagination imprisoned by the sheer intensity of the subject matter in which the writers and artists use in order to convey their thoughts and opinions regarding the society in which they found themselves living in. Through their captivating use of the stream of consciousness and fragmentation in their pieces, we are given many vivid insights into a world that has been severely affected by war and violence. Through T.S Eliot’s The Waste Land and Pablo Picasso’s innovating and shocking art pieces, along with their talented and gifted abilities to produce and illustrate scenes and images so vividly and intriguingly, we are able to gain an incredible insight into Modernism. Their literary and visual techniques give us an important opportunity to be involved in their beliefs, emotions and attitudes, allowing us to feel drawn in beside them, seeing through their eyes and listening through their ears. T.S. Eliot, Pablo Picasso, Ezra Pound and James Joyce collectively form a solid foundation for Modernism. Their ability to flawlessly depict and illustrate the
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