The Importance Of Modernism

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It can be said that Modernism was a state of mind that questioned all artistic, scientific, social, and moral conventions. The devastation of World War I was the catalyst of the Modernist movement. The optimism that was felt prior to the war was gone and there was a sense of despair for many. By the 1900’s, the world was bustling as it had been transformed new discoveries and technological advances. Along with changes in technology came several philosophers who would change the way that modern man perceives the world. The modern man began to reject tradition and question the world around them. Many began to feel that traditional forms of literature, art, religion and political conditions were outdated. It could be said that this time period reflects a cultural crisis. Authors during this time period explored the qualities of modernism through their characters, these qualities included, self-consciousness, rebellion, and experimentation. The Modernist Movement included millions of men who had returned from a long war which caused them to lose their sense of values and changed their way of thinking. They now pursued personal and artistic freedom. Many people including authors such as Ernest Hemingway, felt betrayed by the war and lost respect for the institutions that started it. Many had become disillusioned with the government and relied on themselves to find the answers to life. Several psychological theoreticians would also fundamentally alter the way that modern man
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