Money Clips Essay

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“Money does not grow on trees,” my father asserts to me for the millionth time. Ever since the opportunity to acquire cash became available, my parents stopped funding my financial requests. Having my parents cease from funding simple expenses like gas has lead to me cultivating a successful financial behavior. My parent’s influence of pushing me toward independently funding my high school entertainment and necessities has taught me plenty about saving money for future expenses. Approaching a four-year college experience and beginning life on my own, my funds are guaranteed to be tight. I have began numerous different practices to prepare for this time. After watching Money Clips: Prepping For College Costs, I was reminded of the countless…show more content…
My parents have supported me financially by sending me through a Catholic education. Next year I will attend school at the University of Northern Iowa to study business accounting and finance. As a college student, I will be expected to pay a majority of the financial cost through loans. Most importantly, I have planned for the future by setting high expectations for myself in school and at my job. Failure for me would be obtaining anything lower than an “A” in a class. I focused on placing above average on standardized tests and perfecting my school assignments. At my job, I first started as a dishboy and busboy until I was promoted to become a barback. Now that I am eighteen I can fulfill bartender duties, a job I hope to continue while in college. The success I have in my job provides me with money to save for the future, while my academic success gives me the ability to earn a cheaper tuition. I have taken action to prep for college by making the most of the opportunities out there. Through the financial plan I follow, conversations with counselors, scholarships, and my hard work in school and work I have chipped away at college expenses. As a Dupaco member for all my life, I ask for this assistance as a way to fulfill the lesson the video talked about, preparing for college! The price of college seems insurmountable, but by taking initiative it can be greatly
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