Difficulty About Having Money

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Money provides food, it creates jobs and opportunities. Money is energy. It comes, it goes and it must keep flowing. Money provides education, housing, clothes, entertainment and the more you have the more you can create, develop and build opportunities for others to improve their lot in life. To see money as evil is to sabotage yourself, it is selfish and a cop out for failure.
Men don’t like strong and independent women This is just a crime scene waiting for a place to happen. Walk away. Some men don’t like strong and independent women, this is true but it is not true of all men. The fact is that we should never be willing to give up our independence or financial security to make someone else feel better about themselves. Men who don’t like
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You alter the difficulties or you alter yourself to meet them.” Phyllis Bottome, novelist and short story writer

People with money are superficial Becoming superficial is a choice. Most superficial people are that way, weather they have money or not. Perhaps it is just more obvious when someone superficial has money because they are able to flaunt it. To fear success because you fear what you will become suggests that you have no depth or self-control. Having money is not about showing off and success is not about having money. Having money brings great responsibility and responsibility requires common sense, sound judgement and courage.
I don’t have any talents to trade on We call it talent but anyone who is successful in any art or business will tell you that it has more to do with learned skill than natural talent. It helps if you have a love for something. There are so many possibilities and yet we so seldom explore our own potential because we are too afraid to start doing the one thing that we dream of. If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. You have to get up and you have to start, begin, hit the play button, do the course, make the call and show
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