Essay On Montessori Education

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Within centuries of mankind, innovation has taken a major role in evolution of human life. Innovation enables human to do what previously impossible to do, and this is very helpful in easing people on doing certain activities. Innovation enables human to do improvement of their life in almost all aspects: wellbeing, nutrition, industry, business, as well as education. Even a small innovation like Thomas Alva Edison’s light bulb has great impact, such as improving the efficiency of activities done at dark and affecting the benefits of doing such activities. Eventually, an innovation also arouses one’s curiosity, enabling people to explore new things and producing another innovations. Innovators have several qualities which differ themselves from other people. The most notable quality is curiosity; that is, the desire to know new things and to ask how certain thing works. At one time, questions being asked out of curiosity may be silly, but often it invokes new way of thinking. The best example is the process of proofing the theory of Spherical Earth. People once believed that Earth is linear. Separately, a minority of the society—mostly scientists and philosophers—questioned it and…show more content…
Created by Maria Monetessori, Montessori education relies on the concept of “work as play”. Like traditional education, Montessori education has sets of fixed materials that children have to learn. Montessori educators also bear the same responsibilities as for other educators: to direct and take care of children’s development. However, children are given freedom to do whatever they want to do. It is like giving a child a set of crayons in different colors and a paper, but he/she are free to do anything with those materials. Children are encouraged to learn independently. Several Montessori school alumni are reported to become successful in various field, such as Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey
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