The Importance Of Moral Dilemmas In Nursing

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The ethical theories and principles are implemented with patients, family members, peers, colleagues and health care providers in various clinical settings. More so, the nurses face moral stress involving two ethical principles that compete in the same situation. An example is the respect of patient autonomy and provision of health care that is in the best interest of the patient. The moral decision of the nurses leads to moral distress if the nurse is unable to implement the decision due to the institutional constraints, limited patient care resources, financial issues, family disagreements in health care interventions appropriate for the patient, and health care providers-imposed limitations (Guido,2014). The moral dilemmas include a conflict between rights, duties and values (Pozgar 2013). In the case of Mrs. R, the appropriate response to Dr. G’s request to transfer Mrs. R in a bigger medical hospital to receive an extensive car, and rehabilitation and possibly to a long-term nursing facility is to further inquire the necessity of the further and extensive medical treatments, and the prognosis of the patient. The nurse must inform Dr. G on what the patients wish regarding the health care based on the information provided by the family members in a professional approach. The referral to ethic committee will an appropriate approach to provide the ethical decision making for the best interest of the patient. The involvement of the family, nurses, multidisciplinary team,
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