The Importance Of Moral Values In Schools

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Should moral values be taught at school? Yes they should in this paper I will give you the reasons why. Also who should do it. One reason to why they should teach this in school is they might not have someone to teach them. This will make it wear the kids can not teach themselves so they can 't learn principles for themselves. In a ideal world yes every kid would be taught by their parents but the world we live in is not perfect. Some parents are working 2 or even 3 jobs just so they can put a little food on the table they do t have the time to do something like that. This is were the kid goes to school and uses violence to deal with emotions cause he don 't know how to do it any other way. Also our teachers are there to teach math, science, and English well none of this stuff will ever help them if they don 't learn moral values. It is a teacher 's job t prepare us for the future so this is part of that. If they let kids get away without teaching it they will think they have power over the teacher and this will start to cause major problems in class. Here are the main things that should and need to be taught. Trust, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship without this you can 't do much. Now there are a lot more that can be taught but these are the basics and when you learn these then you can see fewer problems with the kids. When these kids are taught these values then they will do what is expected of them to do. Now there is kids we 're there parents

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