The Importance Of Morality In Fahrenheit 451

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In Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, reading books is against society's rules. Montag starts to wonder what it is about books that society roles them to be forbidden.The fire station goes and burns down houses with books and the chief of the fire station is Beatty. Although Montag killed Beatty, he thought he was doing the right thing. Montag is justified killing Beatty because montag was trying to protect himself, and was also trying to protect Faber, and Beatty made Montag burn his own house down. Montag’s emotions could be clouding his judgement and the way he is processing everything, he may have been thinking irrationally. Montag was justified because he could have been protecting himself. Montag had to burn his own house along with the books he was going to use against the firemen. Beatty also tells montag that he was under arrest after he was done burning his own house down. According to Bradbury, “Beatty said, when your finished you’re under arrest” (Bradbury pg. 111). In the book it doesn’t tell us he is protecting…show more content…
After Montag’s house burned down montag was thinking of some of the things that were know buried under it and he couldn’t move. “A great earthquake came with the fire and leveled his house, Mildred had been buried under their somewhere and his entire life was under there somewhere” (Bradbury pg.112). Montag probably couldn’t understand why he did what he did because his entire life was in that house. Montag could be feeling that everything is being taken from him, like now his house is gone and Mildred left. Mildred had decided to turn in her husband then give up her parlor family. This relates to the NAACP because Montag could be feeling everything has been taken away form he or is losing everything. In the NAACP, colored people have same feeling, their rights have been taken from them
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