The Importance Of Morality In Politics

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Politics and Morality cannot be Segregated (In Favor) Morality is the essence of humanity. This aspect sets humans apart from other creatures and holds us liable for being corrupt. Politics is concerned with the citizens whether managing the state for the betterment of public or winning a position in power to govern the state. If it is not done in proper manner and with fair character then it would be better to scrap the morally high-sounding oath ceremonies of the ministers. It is fanciful to believe that politics can be segregated from morality. The condemnation of slick politicians, protests against corruption and protests against unjust traditions are all testimony of morality in politics. Is death penalty ethical? Whether a person has the right to avenge someone’s death by killing a person? The debates from the abolition of child labor to abortion of fetuses, from the practice of homosexuality to polygamy, are all comes under this hot topic. The kings and imperialist powers ruled the early ages ruthlessly; however, still the morality mattered even in the absence of accountability. Kings never wanted himself to be betrayed; this is nothing but morality. Cyrus II occupied Babylon and freed the slaves and allowed them to return to their homeland. He was praised for this act as a savior in the book of Isaiah. The barbarity of Emperor Shi Huang-Ti (226 BC) of Qin dynasty led to his overthrow and the Han dynasty was established for the next 400 years. The huge Islamic Empire
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