The Importance Of Mother In My Life

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“You will understand when you get older.” That is the sentence which my mother used to say during my childhood years, and she was right. When I was younger, I spent most days disputing with her, thinking that she relished smothering me with her concerns about me. Whenever she said something about my poor life choices or actions, I would just shrug my shoulders and move on. Once I turned 18, I had less time to spend with my mother; hence, I began to appreciate her and what she taught me. I started trying to be more like her, reminiscing about what she explained to me, comprehending it, and applying it to my life. The advice that she gave me shaped who I am today. Those valuable and irreplaceable lessons are a blessing to me. My mother is the smartest, strongest, and most goal-oriented person I have ever met. She taught me various lessons, and it is unconceivable to count or illustrate them all. It would be the same as trying to count how many stars there are in the sky. Even so, I do consider some of the concepts that I have learned from her more relevant than others. For example, she taught me to always aim higher and to…show more content…
She led me to become a better, thoughtful, considerate, and confident person. I endeavor daily to respect what she has taught me. Moreover, I commit to pass what I know on to the people I am fond of; if I recognize my female companions doubting themselves or being pessimistic about their capabilities, I help them understand they are more than what they believe, the same way my mother did it for me. I have never appreciated an individual as much as I have my mother, and I am positive that such perspective will not change. She transmitted to me knowledge, helped me grow, and shaped who I am today. I will forever be thankful and indebted to her. As Abraham Lincoln once wrote: “All that I am, or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel

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