The Importance Of Mother Language

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Language is the solid foundation of cultural heritage. Language plays two essential roles as an instrument of communication and as a mark of identity. It also offers a rich and full insight into how communities think and live as well as into the history and cultures of their people across the globe. In our modern world, most people are multilingual and that is the result of holding on mother tongue and studying and using other languages. Multilingualism protects and nourishes the growth of culture and it can also give you a better understanding of other behavior and their way of thinking.
Dealing with language policies I would like to cite Nelson Mandela many words of wisdom over the years. For me, the quotes that hits home especially “If you
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He argues that knowledge of mother languages will help people of the various heritage background to have stronger chances to improve their social, economic and political situation. It is the minorities mother language that has often been the medium by which they present their national aspirations and their identities and revive their culture and traditions. Such importance of mother language is reflected on the issue of mother language maintains and acquisition. Regarding the most minority in Europe there has been an ongoing discussion on Mother- tongue language statue and what policy has to be adopted towards these minorities. Realizing the power of mother language that can play in the status of the Arab minority in Europe, the VUB has tried to use Arabic language as a medium to help the Arabic community and Arabic refugee to be proud of their language by offering them a chance to maintain and experience their national feelings and…show more content…
For example, as immigrants live in communities where it is not possible to survive without acquiring national language, they will start to use national language as their first language even though it is completely different from their mother tongue. As long as people have migrated, they have had to learn the language of their new home country. This is a matter that never ceases the debate in the media and between politicians. The idea was that a better command of the native language could help the child succeed in new society. However, once immigrant children are helped in mastering their native language in a more academic way, the success will be overall. Native language offers wide set of extra skills and knowledge, and it makes it easier for the parents to perform their part. Moreover, recognizing the origins of new citizens and appreciating their specifics is the least to be done by the civilized societies. It 's a question of respect and being generous when you deal with fellow human beings and judge them for who they are. Being respected and appreciated will naturally make new citizens feel that their host want them to be at
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