The Importance Of Motherhood

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“MOTHERS ARE ENDOWED WITH A LOVE THAT IS UNLIKE ANY OTHER LOVE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH.” Marjorie Pay Hinckley (1) Motherhood is the most wonderful passion found on the world given by God to women, which is a beautiful feelings exist when women regardless of whether or not she gave birth to a child, Possible to be a sister, aunt, or a teacher it is not necessarily to be the woman that she gave birth to this baby to take care of him. Mother is the women who takes care of her children and teach them every thing they need in their lives and they are supervised since childhood until old age, the role of the great motherhood that she directs her children to the right path and she supports them when they need. Despite the development of science and knowledge but the mother is considered the main school for any child we will find in this world.In the 18th century paintings of mothers with their children were prevailing in France This session shows us how much were the artist interesting in the role of the mother in life as they improve it in their paintings. If we will talk about mothers over centuries it’s changed over years, before mothers just have to sit at home for taking care of her house, kids and husband, also they cannot work out of their houses, but after 19th century the roles changed and women start to work outside their houses as I will mention later some details from two novels showing us the role of motherhood “Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred
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