The Importance Of Motherhood In Peter The Rabbit

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Motherhood feeling blooms in each woman’s heart. As a little girl, motherhood is practiced through her doll as if it is her baby. As a woman grows up, she creates her dreams of being a mother, strong bond, and attachment to this world; she naturally belongs to this hood. Motherhood then becomes waking up in the middle of the night to make sure that her child is well tucked in and to give her full attention, care, and love to a child. It is a harsh world, scary and exhaustion sometimes. Through the endless journey, she consumes her real, metal and emotional power and energy for the sake of her own children’s comfort and happiness. Strangely, if asking any mother about her life as a mother? She would happily say that being a mom is the most satisfying feeling she has ever had. Most important chore in motherhood trip is to teach a child to grow up, as nothing equals the happiness of a mother when finally, she knows that she raised a successful human being. As we will learn in this essay, how is Peter’s mother in “Peter the Rabbit” is different than Charles’s mother in “Voices in The Park”. Both stories hold…show more content…
Also, believing in your child and forgive him would make him doesn’t fear the unknown. Peter’s mother forgives him because she knows he learned his lesson. First, she was right when she warned him to stay away from the garden, second, he learned to be responsible and depend on himself. He now knows how Mr. Rabbit cars or him and love him and she will always be there for him no matter what happens even if he makes some mistakes. That is fundamentally important; each child should know and feel that way; secured and loved. Love and care are absent in the case of Charles. His mother rejects him; he is mentally paralyzed because of his mother’s selfishness. Charles cannot grow up
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