The Importance Of Mothering In Narnia

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Susan 's mothering is annoying to the others. On their first night in the Professor 's house, Susan tries to tell Edmund that it is his bedtime, and Edmund immediately says she is trying to talk like mother: “… who are you to say when I 'm to go to bed? Go to bed yourself" (Lion 2). In many situations, Susan shows that she is the least courageous of the four children. When she finally does make it into Narnia and discovers that Mr. Tumnus has been arrested, she says: "I wonder if there 's any point in going on … I mean, it doesn 't seem particularly safe here and it looks as if it won 't be much fun either. And it 's getting colder every minute, and we 've brought nothing to eat. What about just going home?" (Lion 26). After a discussion with Peter, Lucy, and Edmund about what they…show more content…
Both Susan and Edmund did some mistakes in Narnia, but it is only Edmund who receives forgiveness from Aslan. Edmund’s big mistake is he betrays his siblings so he could be a prince as White Witch’s promise. Edmund was enchanted by the Turkish Delight from White Witch, so the Witch is able to convince him that he could have as much as he wanted and he could even be prince of Narnia if he could bring his brother and sisters to the Witch. "I think I would like to make you the Prince -- some day when you bring the others to visit me." (Lion 16). The only reason which makes a dark side of Edmund appears is the promise of White Witch. As a child, he believes of the White Witch’s promise. Even they knew that White Witch is an evil, but he still came to visit her even without his siblings and betrayed them. After all four children arrive in Narnia and being warned by the beavers, Edmund still wants to follow the instruction of The White Witch and ready to betray his siblings, he does it completely. When The White Witch asks about his siblings, he tells her every single detail about their location and what they are going to do to help Narnians. Edmund has come to the bottom
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