Symbolism Of Cinema

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Basically, motion or movement is symbolic of life, and related dynamism is evident in the living world as a whole. When this basic truth is superimposed into the scenario of art, it resulted in the origin of an innovative form of art named as motion picture or cinema. One can easily identify that historical significance of motion picture is noteworthy because the same is related to almost all other fields of art in general. To be specific, directors make use of their individual freedom to communicate with national/international viewers and try to share their unique ideas and messages. Within this scenario, Hollywood’s iconic status as the core of international movie industry/business is symbolic of motion’s picture’s transformation…show more content…
symbolic of the origin, growth, and development of film industry. Besides, the film industry helped Hollywood to develop itself as a business district booming with economic prosperity related to film industry. Within this context, the background story of Hollywood is amazing because it originated from photography in general. In the beginning, the invention of camera ignited the minds of art enthusiasts because was helpful for documentation purposes. Besides, black and white photographs paved the way towards the invention of movie camera in 1880. To be specific, this was most helpful for art enthusiasts, especially Hollywood directors to explore the scope of movie cameras within cinema. Further improvement and experimentation in this field helped to produce simple motion pictures like Roundhay Garden Scene. One can see that this sort of scenes were without any plot or story, but with real life situations in the form of motion picture. In 1890s, movie camera gained more importance because people like Le Prince and Lumiere brothers gave more importance to motion picture. Their contributions transformed movie camera’s scope from simple motion pictures to large scale production of
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