The Importance Of Motivation And Chilean Students

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Motivation and Chilean Students’ low proficiency levels. Education has been a topic of controversial debates across the world, and lots of researches have been carried out by experts in order to improve its quality and effectiveness. In this context, teachers and students play an important role. High grades are usually an indicator that these agents are doing a good job. Nevertheless, their low performance and bad grades show there is a problem. Unfortunately, especially in the English class, bad results are becoming commoner. It is said that lack of motivation in language learning is the main cause for students’ low proficiency levels. Some people claim it is due to external factors, and consequently is teachers’ responsibility. While others say this problem must be internal, regarding students’ role. This essay aims to analyze both hypotheses considering Chile’s reality. Some researchers assert that this problem must be external and is mostly teachers’ responsibility. First of all, according to Gökçe DİŞLEN, most of the time students lose their interest and enthusiasm towards language learning due to insecure classroom atmosphere and pedagogues’ harsh attitude (2013). Bad tempered and strict teachers tend to not only make students feel uncomfortable but also themselves. Furthermore, educators must make lessons more appealing though different activities, give constant positive feedback and encourage students to learn a second language in order to promote pleasant learning.

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