The Importance Of Motivation In Education

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Enhancing learning for students involves more than just being able to apply general learning and teaching principles or guidelines. In Educational Studies 1: Classroom Learning and Student Development, we have been learned about how students learn. Most importantly, it involves inquiry-based activities which familiarize us with the roles of teachers in promoting learning and catering for student diversity and individual differences.

Throughout the past lessons, one of the most influential, inspiring theories is the theories of motivation to understand and improve educational processes, which means helping our students see the true value of what they are doing and giving them reasonable expectation of success in achieving it.
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The Motivation in education
Motivation is a force used within the educational system to encourage students learning. In general, students’ motivation depends on what they expect out of doing those things and the outcomes of learning. Explanations regarding the source(s) of motivation can be categorized as extrinsic, social, achievement or intrinsic.

Extrinsic motivation comes from factors outside the task itself – that is, students’ behavior is performed to receive outcomes given by someone. Therefore, students learn because of consequences.

The social motivation is that students learn through modeling, communication of expectations, and direct instruction or socialization by significant others, especially parents and teachers (Brophy, 1987) . Social-cognitive theory, advocated by Albert Bandura, gives more comprehensive overview of human cognition in the context of social
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Therefore, students ' expectancies for success and the value they have for succeeding are important determinants of their motivation to perform different achievement tasks.

Children 's expectancies and values themselves are most directly determined by teachers so helping students to set reasonable achievement tasks, getting them to attribute success to effort, establishing a warm and supportive classroom climate are the important factors. Student will tend to behave what the teacher expects. ( Sustaining effect). Otherwise, no motivated activity occurs.

The importance of the motivation of learning
Why do we need to study Chinese? What will we use Chinese for in the future? Can I get high marks without studying or understanding the Chinese vocabularies? Those are question students always ask about any subject that does not interest

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