The Importance Of Motivation In Nursing

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We all need motivation in order to stay happy at our jobs. Once that motivation starts fading, the inevitable question of ‘Is this really right for me?’ will begin. For nurses, most if not all of us will have good motivation in the beginning: You want to help the sick, you want to serve a good cause, you want to relieve pain and burden, you want to live your life not just for yourself but also for others. What happens after some time and a lot of stress is we tend to lose all this motivation, and we feel that working as a nurse is not as fulfilling or exciting as we expected.

Loss of motivation is by no means an optimum scenario, so here are some things nurses could consider in order to stay motivated:
1. Empathy
Empathy means feeling an
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Stop self pity
Self-pity is, basically, a trap. According to a study[1], once you are caught in that trap, the more you stay in it, the more it will entangle you. As a nurse, you might feel exhausted and stressed all the time, and end up viewing yourself in a pitiful light. You start comparing yourself to friends that are financially successful in their careers. Stop these thoughts, and be aware that they are destructive. Instead of self pity, count your blessings or do something about the reasons for your
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Think again. Gossiping will not only take away all of your motivation for work, it will also make you look bad in the eyes of those whom you gossiped to, decreasing the levels of trust between you. Gossip is a relationship killer, and good connections are one of the best motivations you can find in a workplace.
5. Learn to let go
According to forgiveness expert Everett Worthington, humans have the tendency to “ruminate” about bad things, bringing them up and mentally chewing on them over and over again. Ruminating has been associated with a number of mental health problems, including obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, and depression. In nursing, with such a large component of human connection involved, so increases the chances of human conflicts, but whether you’ve been wronged by a patient or colleague, learn to let go and forgive for your own good and not anyone else’s.
6. You are not "just" a

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