Causes Of School Problem Essay

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When it comes to school problems there’s a lot of reason behind the problems itself. First thing is that experiencing low motivation, the second thing is too many distractions, third is you have difficulty in concentrating, remembering facts and figures, fourth is that you don’t enjoy the subject you’re studying, the fifth thing is you lack right resources and the last thing is you struggle with time management. Experiencing low motivation is one of the biggest fears that you encounter while studying because you don’t have any goals that you are achieving because your focus is that you can’t try hard enough, you believe that you can’t do it. You don’t have that so called self-esteem because that’s who you are or it’s either you are too stressed with too much to do it can also you find the subject boring or it could be you have other things that happenings into your life and last one is you’re worrying about failure and regret. There…show more content…
It’s either you’re not good at it, maybe you feel like you don’t have any interest in it because your no longer feel like you will be good at it, or it seems like pointless you have found it boring then there’s no reason for having an urge to focus on. And last neither about the teacher you don’t see the lecturer as an inspiring one teaching that lesson or it could be you don’t like the teacher anyway and those reasons can lead to hate the subject itself. This problem is the easiest to solve, you can’t find right resources because you have that thing called low motivation, you lose concentration, there’s a lot of distraction, lack of remembering fact and figures and you don’t want the subject. The easiest to solve but then the hardest thing to do, how can you fight for those reasons, you find it a routine in your life so is it possible to solve that problem then? You can’t find the right access to those

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