Motivation In The Classroom

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Motivation can be defined as the driving force that guides or inspires a person to act or to be committed to a task, job, or subject. In the class, the motivation can come from the student’s own desires or willingness to attain achievement. However, it can also be from the educator’s efforts and determination. If students are unmotivated, it can become quite hard for them to concentrate in the class. They will find it difficult to pay attention to what the teacher is explaining and will consequently have difficulties to absorb the required knowledge. There can be both internal and external factors that can promote motivation such as:
• The desire, eagerness or necessity to achieve the goal
• The attached reward value
• Individual or intrinsic
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Students can be encouraged to share their knowledge and interests. It is essential that the students become engaged in what they are learning and the teacher can build on these elements to make the class more interesting. For example, to make the French class more interesting, the teacher can ask the learners to write an essay on their favorite topic. Open debates and brainstorming sessions can become more beneficial if the students are interested in or have prior knowledge about the topic lesson. Stimulating topics such as games, movies and travelling among others can also be introduced in the…show more content…
The teacher should not hesitate to use innovative teaching aids to improve one’s teaching. Learning will become effective if a socio-constructiveness approach is adopted in class. Furthermore, one way to encourage interaction among students and to motivate them is the use of class activities. One should try to come with challenging and innovation activities to motivate learners. Below we will look at the few different activities that can be adopted in a class:
• Group activities – students will be more motivated to participate in class when they are in groups. The teacher can choose different groups with mixed ability students. This will provide them with the opportunity to interact with their peers and to discuss their ideas. Presentations, oral debates and research projects will prove beneficial for them and this can keep them motivated to perform

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