The Importance Of Motivation On Academic Performance

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Motivation is usually defined as an internal state that arouses ,directs and maintains behaviour. What choices do people make about their behaviour? How long does it take to get started? What is the intensity or level of involvement in the chosen activity? What causes a person to persist or to give up ? What is the person thinking and feeling while engaged in the activity? These are some of the questions on which motivation focuses.Motivation to learn is defined as “a student tendency to find academic activities meaningful and worthwhile and to try to derive the intended academic benefits from them”. Motivation to learn also includes the quality of the student’s mental efforts.For example ,reading the text 11 times may indicate persistence,but motivation to learn implies more thoughtful,active study strategies, such as summarizing,elaborating the basic ideas,drawing graphs of the key relationships ,and so on.
Memory is nothing but retention of information over time , which involves encoding ,storage and retrieval.Students need to be motivated to learn so that they are cognitively engaged- to think deeply about what they study.Both intrinsic and extrinsic factors contribute to motivation to learn,level of involvement by a student and finally on their academic performance.
Review of literature
The following are few studies conducted with regard to variables tested in this study.
In[1] a study by Vishnu .P.Murthy,Kathryn C.Dickerson,(2016),motivation significantly influences

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