The Effects Of Motivation On Learning And Memory

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Motivation is usually defined as an internal state that arouses ,directs and maintains behaviour. What choices do people make about their behaviour? How long does it take to get started? What is the intensity or level of involvement in the chosen activity? What causes a person to persist or to give up ? What is the person thinking and feeling while engaged in the activity? These are some of the questions on which motivation focuses.Motivation to learn is defined as “a student tendency to find academic activities meaningful and worthwhile and to try to derive the intended academic benefits from them”. Motivation to learn also includes the quality of the student’s mental efforts.For example ,reading the text 11 times may indicate persistence,but…show more content…
Review of literature
The following are few studies conducted with regard to variables tested in this study.
In[1] a study by Vishnu .P.Murthy,Kathryn C.Dickerson,(2016),motivation significantly influences learning and memory.The reviewed research supports an adaptive model of memory in which an individual’s motivational state (i.e.learning under states of reward or punishment ) shapes the nature of memory representations in service of future goals.The impact of motivation on learning and memory,therefore,has very clear implications for and applications to educational settings.
As in[2] ,Alexandre.G and Patrick .G (2017) found that autonomous motivation is associated with school achievement,but the relation has been largely heterogeneous across studies.In their sample of 272 university students it was found that explicit autonomous motivation was positively associated with academic achievement for students with average –to-high levels of working memory capacity,but only if their motivation operated synergistically with high implicit autonomous
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The key finding was that both cognitive (i.e. self efficacy)and behavioural (i.e.self regulated learning) latent factors served as key mediators in the model,with each of these factors exhibiting unique effects on mathematics performance after controlling for prior achievement.
As in[7] a study by Nonna O,Emrah D,Ariel Y.D, John L (2012) showed that dopamine neurons ,in addition to being activated by reward, can be activated by novelty in the absence of reward.The computation of novelty is thought to occur in the hippocampus and is carried to the dopamine cells of the VTA through a polysynaptic pathway.

(4) Materials and methods Study habit inventory by M.N.Palsane and Sadhana sharma (1989) was used to assess the study habit of high school students.It has 45 items with three alternative answers:
a) Always ,b) sometimes ,c) rarely or never.
It measures eight areas namely memory, health ,reading ability ,note taking, learning motivation, budgeting time, physical condition and taking examination.

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