The Importance Of Motivation To Learning

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Motivation to learning
Motivation to learning is engage learner’s intrinsically in academic tasks and activities in a meaningful way in order to achieve specific goals. Intrinsic motivation is you perform an actions which you are interested in because it leads to satisfy you internally. It is very important that teachers should analyze in which style the students learn and how much they are learning from the activities they perform. Similarly teachers should create a learning environment and make the tasks more interesting as well as challenging. In this way students will be more motivated in learning and helps them to achieve their goals. Motivation enables to develop the learner’s cognitive thinking. Motivating learning is widely reliant
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These beliefs make a huge impact on slow learners (student’s) life as they lose confidence in studying and they are extrinsically motivated, that learn for the sake to achieving high grades. As a result students who doesn’t achieve high grades are left alone in the environment and they lose their interest in learning. Which occurs failure in their life due to the grades. The teacher’s main motive should be to provide quality learning by intrinsically motivation, build skills and develop self-efficacy in the students rather than to fix a permanent grade on their academic tasks. For each tasks the students completes teacher should provide immediate and accurate feedback. Feedbacks should be clear and positive for each student. Failure and success are derives on how parents and teachers etc motivates the students.
According to the attribution theory strive to recognize people’s justifications when successes and failures arises in their life. When people have self-confidence and motivation on success they have the gut feeling also will put more effort to reach their goals. Most of the time those people think they have control over their success. To apply this theory in real world teaching teachers can demonstrate, make the students socialize and practice

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