The Importance Of Motivation In The Workplace

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Once I finished our Engineering I was really excited and motivated to join the corporate world. I was charged up to learn about the motivational factor of an organization or any person. Motivation is of 2 types, one is Intrinsic and the other is extrinsic. The first day when I entered the Office I had a feeling of achievement, responsibility and accomplishment in my life. My feelings were such that we conquered the world. These were some of the intrinsic motivational factors that were driving within me. I had very high expectations of the nature of corporate work in terms of tangible motivating factors such as pay, benefits and promotions. But over a period of time I came to know that the reality was far different from what I had expected when I joined the organization and the extrinsic motivating factors turned out to be totally different…show more content…
I was assigned to one of the critical projects in the company. I then had an introduction with the entire team. My manager then assigned a set of people who will be working along with me. Each person in the team was given clear instruction regarding the module that needed to be completed. Since I was the senior most resource in that project, my manager gave me the responsibility to handle the entire project. It was the first time that I was given such a huge responsibility to handle the project and oversee the work of my teammates. It was clear that I would be held responsible for any delay in the project. I was ready for the challenge to work for the project. I then had a meeting with my team members and they were geared up for the challenge. As days went by, the schedule started becoming hectic. The team started defaulting in the work that was assigned. My team members often started coming up with excuses to avoid the tasks and at the same time, wanted no changes in their remunerations. The same could also not be communicated to adhere to good team

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