The Importance Of Movement In Physical Education

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Psychomotor domain is also called kinesthetic domain which can be described as the relation of movements made by the human body along with mental skill/the activity of the brain. This consists of the movements of the body, coordination, the use of motor skill areas and reflex actions. In physical education, movement is very important because everything you do requires you to make a move. For example, kicking a ball, jogging for strengthening the muscles of the heart, lifting of some equipment/materials like a bag of sand etc. Movement is an everyday activity that helps us to be able to escape from our enemies and to move from one place to another in spite of searching for food, good water, and better living standard, and so on. This is one the most characteristics of living organisms. We have to focus more on movement skills because they enable us to function and work effectively in different societies. Movement helps with the flexibility of the body muscles, to support elasticity with the muscles and maintains normal tone, the prevention of internal and external diseases of the heart, as well engaging in physical activities that can increase the rate of the heart. There are few skills in Physical education such as showing increased flexibility, strength, and handiness in small muscle groups, the skill of climbing using alternating feet balance (balancing on one left/right foot), coordination of the muscles, and the mimic movements, as well as moving in a variety of
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