The Importance Of Movement In The Childhood Movement

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Movement is very important for our body. Movement helps the heart to pump blood around all body, so active movement must be part of the everyday routine. For the young children who are just starting to develop their skills, body movements are essential, not only for fine and gross motor skills, but for all the holistic development as well. Role of the educator is to provide for the children as much freedom to move as possible. In this way, children will be able to express themselves, develop their new skills and achieve their goals in the form of play. Observational skills needed to understand how much movement children requires. As much as possible physical activities, will teach the children participate and be part of the group all the time. They will learn that movement is part of their life not a part of routine they get at home or in the setting. Well known in all world theorist Rudolf Laban, was exploring ideas of movement importance in young children’s life. “Movement, to Laban, was a series of motions that a body passed through; there…show more content…
Through this activity, I learned how to help the children engage in story reading. while one person is reading a story, another one can show children movements. We did the same in tutorial. The story was a bout Gruffalo, so we were pretending all the animals in the story. For example, if it was a bear, we all were pretending the bear walk. It is perfect to engage children to listen and use their imagination and express it. Communication and self-esteem develops through story while all getting new experience. Before participating in this activity, myself, I thought that children should sit and listen while educator is reading a story. Now I know that my role is to provide as much movements as possible for little listeners. The most important thing is to get children’s interest, so story reading with movements is perfect way to help little ones to develop and learn them new

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